At Last!  Bruce Schweigerdt will deliver his findings on distant starlight and time.

After more than twenty-five years of inspired focus on this thought-provoking topic, I believe that there is a narrative that can be articulated based on both a secular and biblical understanding that resolves the driving question:  “When I look into the skies on a clear night, am I observing the cosmos as it is, or as it was?” However, at the same time we have to realize that the Scientific Method alone will not (and cannot) take us there.  Sometimes we just have to go with an enthused common sense! Fundamentally, the answer to this burning question emerges more from the disciplines of history and psychology (and philosophy) than it does from mainstream “science” as we have it today.  There must be a willingness to be open to omniscience (All-knowledge), and thus, to an appeal to the Supernatural.  And a realization that the basis of the confusion on this matter largely lies in a lack of understanding perceptive worldviews, time conventions, and personal mindsets! It appears that the attendant stricture of “science” is what makes the handful of biblical Creation cosmologists reluctant to fully address the question of starlight travel and time.  And for many (most?) people, it is this enigma that is the stumbling-block to their faith in the authority of God’s Word, and ultimately, Jesus Christ!

My studies and observations indicate a direct correlation between greater intellect and advanced education, with an inability to think outside the box:  A fundamental incapacity to see beyond the natural existence into the Supernatural realm.  There is a keenly-trained, self-limiting quality to naturalistic science that can have a chilling effect on inspired and original thinking, and on the intuitive abilities that our Creator has given each of us. 

(Bruce Schweigerdt, MA)

Come and hear Bruce speak from his years of personal and group investigation into this subject and his conclusions about this most important (and controversial) subject.  Bruce will present “Time Conventions” at Grace Bible Church, 1390 Baseline Road, Roseville on Monday, November 23 at 7:00 p.m.