Please join us in welcoming Dennis Petersen on his return to Creation Science Club at our next meeting, Thursday, February 16 at 6:30 PM, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Arden Way and Morse Avenue, in the Fireside Room.

He will expand on the theme he started in his January talk: "7 Persuasive Keys to Overcome the Biggest Myth of Modern Time Science."

Note this is the third Thursday, Feb.16. 

Refreshments are available throughout the meeting. Love offering for Dennis appreciated.

Dennis will also speak at a Saturday breakfast at Bayside Church of Citrus Heights, 6540 Sylvan Rd., Citrus Heights Saturday, Feb. 18,2017 at 8am speaking on "The Seven Persuasive Keys for Understanding the Truth of Creation". This will be an intriguing & thought provoking message. Come & invite a friend!