Join us on a Dinosaur Fossil Dig Adventure presented by 15 year-old Caleb LePore

Come, invite your family, friends and other Christian school and homeschool groups to hear this exciting adventure from 15 year-old Caleb LePore and his mother, Kimberly as they had an unexpected invitation to join Noah Justice of “Awesome Science” videos [see: (] and a real paleontological team on a fossil dig at a private ranch near Dinosaur National Monument in Northwest Colorado where Noah and his father planned to film for another episode of “Awesome Science”.

Caleb will bring fossils to display. This exciting adventure presentation will be at Grace Bible Church, 1390 Baseline Road in Roseville on Monday, March 25 at 7:00 p.m.  Also check out Caleb’s blog and FaceBook page at:

Caleb will answer questions regarding these fossils such as:

Where can we find them?
How can I tell the difference between bone and rock?
How did they form?
How old are they?

Kimberly will answer questions regarding this trip such as:

1. What am I doing here and not Caleb’s Dad or Grandfather?
2. Will God provide for us even though it seems impossible to make the necessary arrangements at such short notice?
3. Will God help me through the hardships and my doubts?
4. Will/can I survive???

Where: Grace Bible Church, 1390 Baseline Road, Roseville, CA
When: Monday, March 25; 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Chuck and Sandy Yarbrough, 916-922-7906

Check out Caleb’s Foundation Creation Club at: