Everywhere we turn in our culture, we hear loud (and often mocking) proclamations that the Bible got it wrong when it said that Noah’s Flood really covered the Earth, sweeping away all who didn’t board God’s Ark of salvation. Meanwhile, National Parks and Natural History Museums teach the public another history of the world–one of millions of years of slow, gradual processes–as ‘scientific truth.’ However, in the back rooms of science, more and more scientists are starting to see that Earth’s geologic features were formed by quickly by FLOODING!


Come hear 18-year old Caleb LePore, leader and speaker at Foundations Creation Club as he shares what he has discovered–from his own personal research–about what Scripture and scientists are saying about Noah’s Ark, National Parks, and the Natural History Museum. This presentation is sure to be a fascinating and educational journey of discovery that is meant to encourage you and your whole family to stand strong on God’s Truth!


Join us in Roseville at Grace Bible Church, (7:00 p.m.) on Monday, Aug. 24, 2015 at Grace Bible Church, 1390 Baseline Rd., Roseville.


Please call Chuck or Sandy Yarbrough at 916-922-7906 for more information.