You are invited to come and see the new movie Evolution vs. God by evangelist Ray Comfort, at this month’s Foundations Creation Club meeting! Evolution vs. God exposes the blind faith the scientists place in the theory of evolution by interviewing them and “holding their feet to the fire”! This is a great faith-builder for believers and a great witness to non-believers, so be sure to invite friends!

Special presentation The Genius of Ancient Man from Brian Mariani, co-author of The Genius of Ancient Man and Alpha Omega Institute Missionary from Grand Junction, CO

***This event will be supporting FCC leader Caleb LePore’s Eagle Scout service project, by offering the opportunity for attendees to sponsor creation resources (at 45-50% off!) for a new creation section which will be installed in the Church of the Foothills Library!***

When: Friday, August 23rd from 6:45-8:30pm

Where: Church of the Foothills ( 2380 Merrychase Drive , Cameron Park, CA), in the Worship Center .