Pat Roy of the “Jonathan Park” series and co-creator of an up and coming new video series will be presenting “The Scopes Monkey Trial” – on Tuesday, August 18 at 6:30 p.m. at our Creation Club in Sacramento at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1615 Morse Ave., Sacramento, CA.

About 90 years ago –

…the battle between creation and evolution was fleshed out in what has been called “the most famous court trial in the world”: the Scopes ‘Monkey’ Trial. Though the creation side won the case, the trial was immortalized by the media and Hollywood as the ‘nail in the coffin’ of belief in the absolute trustworthiness of the Bible. But what is the truth about this important event in U.S. history, and what kind of impact has it had on our nation?

Pat Roy, author of the Jonathan Park creation audio adventure series used to work for Institute of Research and is founder of CreationQuest, will be clearing up the confusion and presenting the true history of the Scopes Trial and its legacy at this month’s Creation Club event. 

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