Announcing our meeting this month on Thursday, June 15th at 7 PM, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd(Arden and Morse). Our speaker will be Caleb Le Pore from Foundations Creation Club. He has released this statement on his talk:

Title: Creation and the Millennial Generation: An Insider’s Look

Description: As a millennial who is passionate about the Word of God, Caleb LePore (20)

is deeply concerned about the current trajectories of the church and culture in America.

With 2/3 of Christian youth leaving the church after high school, what can be done to

stop the millennial generation’s increasing drift towards secularism? In this all-new

presentation, Caleb will be digging through the layers of science, history, and theology

to discover the root of the problem and look at some hope-filled instructions from

Scripture on how to address the main challenges to the gospel being faced by parents

and youth in our world today.  

As usual, refreshments available throughout the meeting.

Cordially, Kirby Chan

for  Arcade Creation Club