Note from editor: This article is a conclusion to the series of articles by Dan Blaine on the complexity of DNA and RNA. Please see previous posts for the rest of the discussion.The amazing order, inter working, and networking among the DNA/RNA/protein systems express a wisdom that is nothing less than an observation of the eternal power and divine nature of the Creator. It takes a lot of effort not to see this. It seems as though one could see the actual design orders marshaled out to implement the divine decree for living things to multiply and fill the earth after their kinds. Insuring their individual integrity within their kinds, this is the most stable information storage system known to man. Receiving the cell principal as confirmed by all evidences, therefore, the naïve notions speculated by the doctrine of evolution ought to be relegated to the history of science, and not to be presented as current science. Much less should it be mandatory for those who would do science to kiss the ring of Darwin in order to enter though her portals. Ridged, officious, and dogmatically bigoted presumptions ought not to be the bench mark of scientific inquiry, right? Then let not the shibboleth of infinite time and chance exclude any longer those who would discover and learn, or those who would teach, for that matter.