Arden-Arcade CSC Meeting | 20 September 2016

After a summer hiatus club meetings are starting back up again next Tuesday. There will be a 36 min video presentation on Mount Saint Helens. Chuck

DNA Complexity (deoxyribonucleic acid)

DNA is a double helical polymer composed of deoxyribos sugar, phosphate, and the four nucleic bases adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine.(2) The

Ribosomal Complexity

It takes a great deal of nonscientific, dogmatic inflexibility to believe that something as complex as a ribosome and yet as essential to all cellu

RNA Complexity (ribonucleic acid)

RNA is the coded transcription of the information in DNA that is meticulously co-produced by the DNA and protein enzyme catalysts in a highly orche

Helicase Complexity

Spinning DNA as fast as a jet engine where it climbs along the double helix, unzipping it at its nose and re-zipping it at its tail, helicase catal

In Any Debate About Any Fact

  A truly Protestant method of reasoning involves a stress upon the fact that the meaning of every aspect of Christian

Polymerase Complexity

These catalytic machines reproduce DNA reading it, checking it, and repairing it as they go about their precision jobs. Along with helicase, it mus

Conclusions on DNA/RNA Complexity

Note from editor: This article is a conclusion to the series of articles by Dan Blaine on the complexity of DNA and RNA. Please see previous posts

Hugh Ross and the 67th book of the Bible

The Very Notion of Two Books of God's Revelation (Following reading of 11/2012 Apologetics 315 Interview) Proverbs 30:6 – KJ   – “