Psittacosaurus sibiricus

Psittacosaurus sibiricus – click image for full resolution

Here is a preview of an art project I am working on for the Creation Clubs.  Pictured here is the head piece of what will be a full-body, life-size model of the ceratopsian dinosaur Psittacosaurus sibiricus .  The main purpose of the model is to illustrate the fact that many dinosaurs did not grow to the titanic proportions which most people associate with them. The idea here being that not only were humans and dinosaurs contemporaries, but that the various kinds of dinosaurs were represented on Noah’s ark.

Psittacosaurus sibiricus (meaning, “Siberian parrot reptile”) was one of several Psittacosaurus species and, reaching about 174 cm in length, was one of the largest (rivaled only  by P. major).